OSU Haters
Post from a former hater

    As a consequence of my insensitivity to others at this university, my life was almost flipped upside down. Shortly after my comments I was contacted by the university that a hold had been put on my account and that I needed to meet with them immediately. Becoming a nervous wreck as to what could have happened, I scheduled a same-day appointment and met with some of the faculty in the Office of Student Affairs. During that meeting I discovered the stigma that had been attached to my name and the consequences that could come of it. I was informed that I could be kicked out of Ohio State permanently with an official note being put on any other school I applied to about my comments. This would have been an irrecoverable loss that would haunt me for the rest of my life if I didn’t take quick action. I found out my comments were not private, not secure, not a just way to vent, and not okay.

    I had to make amends, and I had to do it quickly. I agreed to regular counseling about hate speech, safe ways to vent my frustration, and the newly formed anxiety I had about future employers finding out about this. I have also begun attending Diversity Leadership Transcript Program events with OSU and the office of Diversity to help me realize the importance of diversity for this country to progress. It is one of the most powerful factors in the progression of science, business, health, equality, and innovation not only within the United States but the world. Without it I wouldn’t be where I am today and most of you wouldn’t be either. I now know what I did was wrong and I will never repeat the same mistake. My only hopes are that this won’t affect my future, and hate like this won’t affect others’ futures as well. We are one university and one country, don’t let petty differences tear apart the exact thing that makes you great.

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